IT consultant

Our consulting services start by overviewing your organization’s IT department to cover your company’s mission,values,procedures and vision to achieve the goals. We create an outline of current and future projects to prepare an architecture for IT department capabilities and capacities and future needs and requirements with details. We apply SWOT technique to analyze your company’s Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats to necessitate technology responses to best position the organization for success. Our consultants assist you to understand the level of risk and efforts related to your plans and necessary process and operational changes to meet strategic goals.

Business Consulting & Planning

With our strategic and organizational planning our consultants help you plan and grow your business standards. We look for opportunities and threats in the business environment and help you identify the strengths and weakness for your business.We help you set marketing strategies and policies by identifying a target market with overall research and plan effective strategies for your business to prosper. Our services include a structure for your company finances to analyze the fiscal year with past financial accomplishments to set priorities in budgeting and financing.

Business Furnishing

We provide a wide range of furnishing solutions for any type of organization. Our services include both partial and fully furnishing. You can select and install the furniture according to your requirements in our partial scheme. In full furnishing scheme, our company fully furnishes the organization according to your requirements with our innovative ideas. For newly formed organizations, we assist you to setup the best work environment for your company.

Quality Assurance

With our long experience of quality assurance techniques, we assist in manual testing, functional and non-functional testing automation. Along with this, we also provide test management services and test consultancy. With our QA team, we improve the quality of your production avoiding costly production failures. We expertise in aligning your business objectives to IT delivery. As some faults in production costs us more than in testing service, we offer an inclusive testing service. We help reduce the risk of failure targeted at business requirements through effective functional testing and non functional testing. We understand that testing is an vital part of the overall project governance process. We help you improve to ensure that the product is complete, delivered on time and fit for purpose. Our service can be used independently which gives an fair view of the quality of work in a development project.

Digital Transformation

For an organization to perform an upgrade to large critical systems, we help them to upgrade digitally to meet their requirements and goals.Our services include Desktop,Infrastructure Upgrades, Migrations of Data Center, Cloud Migration, System mergings, System splittings and many more. We integrate Open technology development tools with other systems. We engage with agile development methodologies. With our shorter development time, we reduce the cost of the digital transformation. We reach clients with a collaborative and comprehensive approach.